Closing in on 6 months…

It’s hard to believe that on Wednesday I will be six months pregnant! It is so fun to feel our boy in there every day. Jeff got to feel him for the first time on Friday, which was very exciting for both of us. We have warned the baby that we will stop exhorting him to “kick Daddy” once he is no longer in utero. Yesterday we bought paint for his room, and this weekend we have been working on sanding a changing table that we’re going to repaint. Mostly Jeff has been doing this, but I did help a bit. Thankfully today was sunny and pretty warm so we were able to sand on the patio in comfort. It also gave Jeff a good excuse to buy an orbital sander, which was money well spent.

Because I can’t swallow the giant prenatal vitamins, I take an assortment of pills each evening (per my doctor’s instructions). Tonight I got out the pills and then went in another room for maybe 30 seconds. I came back to the kitchen and the folic acid was missing. Dory (one of our kitties) was sitting nearby licking her lips. I think I know where the missing pill went…now, if we had to get Dory to take a pill that was actually prescribed for her, it would be a challenge nearly beyond imagination. Don’t worry, I won’t leave any pills in reach once our son is here!

Here I am at 23 weeks:

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