My Day O’ Needles

Well, no pictures to post today but I wanted to update my seven or eight loyal readers on this morning’s adventures in needles. After fasting overnight, I got to the doctor’s office at 8am and had the first blood draw, followed by consuming the glucose solution. It was indeed yuckier than what I had to drink for the 1 hour test, but I got it down. Then I had blood draw number two at 9am, and at 9:30am I threw up the glucose solution and all the water I had been drinking. The nurse called the lab to get their input on what to do next. Thankfully they didn’t make me drink the glucose again. They recommended finishing out the 3 hour test, then if the first two blood draws (pre-throwing up) come back normal, I’m good to go. If those two are high, then they will either make me re-do the test or just diagnose me with gestational diabetes. If I have to re-take it, they can give me an anti-nausea pill to take first, and they said I might also be able to eat a little something beforehand and they can just note that for the analysis. So after two blood draws in each inner arm, they gave me the Rh shot and finally I was free (and able to get some food!). I should have results Monday or Tuesday. Of course I am just really hoping it comes back at normal levels! I will post an update when I get the results. Thanks for checking in!

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