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Well, here we are at 35 weeks, closing in on full term! Turns out that Jeff was just a week ahead on his produce prediction, as this week our boy is the same weight as a honeydew melon. That’s a shade over 5 pounds, if you don’t happen to know that off the top of your head. He’s about 18 inches long, and pretty much just putting on weight from here on out. His lungs will be fully mature at 37 weeks. He gets the hiccups about once every day or two, sometimes they are strong enough that you can see my belly move with each one. Jeff finished touching up the paint in the nursery yesterday and also finished painting the changing table, so once all that is dry, we can put the room together! I still need to figure out what to do for a window treatment in there. There is a blind on the window, but I want to add some type of curtains/valance/something else. Other than that though, we have all the major pieces, just need to put them in place!

Next weekend is our Visser family shower at my Grandma’s. It will be fun to see the family again, I’ve gotten a bit bigger since we were last there! This baby is so lucky to have such wonderful, loving relatives on all sides. He’s also part of a mini-baby boom on the Visser side, as two of my cousins will be having babies in the months after he arrives. This is only fitting, as I was one of four babies born in a single year on the Visser side.

The official 35 week photo:

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I’m now just six weeks away from my due date! Starting with my appointment on Tuesday, I now have weekly doctor’s appointments from now until he is here. Some part of him is pushed up under my ribs on the left side. Thankfully it’s not uncomfortable, but I can definitely tell there’s something there if I take a deep breath. Our boy is now about 4.75 pounds, or about the weight of….a canteloupe! We always try to guess each week which item of produce he will be equal to; and this week Jeff guessed honeydew melon, which I think is close enough to count as correct.

My dad and Helen were here this weekend, and it was great to see them. The last time we saw them I was about 6 weeks pregnant, so I certainly look different this visit. Also, I am eating like a normal person rather than having bland carbs at every meal like I was on that trip. We realized driving back from the airport that we neglected to take any pictures, so unfortunately I have none to share. We had a great afternoon in Seattle yesterday, it was chilly but dry and the sun came out while we were walking around. We had dinner at Purple Cafe and Wine Bar downtown…if you ever get there, I highly recommend the sea salt caramels. Yum.

Here’s the 34 week shot, have a great week!

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Jeff pointed out this morning that next month we will have a baby! Hard to believe I’ll be full term in just 7 weeks. The Boy is now about the same weight as a pineapple, or about four and a half pounds. He continues to move around in there, which is always great to feel. At my most recent appointment (Thursday), the doctor said he was head down and turned to the side, with his bottom on my left, one leg folded up and one leg straight out. Doesn’t sound very comfortable to me, but I know babies are always smushed in utero. Maybe he’ll be flexible like his mom. Thursday was also our tour of the childbirth center at Providence. It was nice to see the rooms and learn a little more about how everything works there.

Jeff’s brother Greg came out this weekend to help with painting the nursery, and it looks great! I’ll post pictures once it’s all finished. I am very grateful to both Jeff and Greg for executing my idea for stripes on one wall, which was very labor intensive for them, and not at all for me. Thanks wonderful husband and wonderful brother-in-law!

You may have heard about the earthquake we had here Friday morning. It was a 4.5 on the Richter scale, but occurred about 36 miles under the ocean, so it doesn’t seem to have caused any damage. Jeff and I didn’t feel it, I was still in bed and he was downstairs getting ready, but we both heard the wall rattle…though we didn’t figure out what caused it until hearing the news later that morning. That was the first quake for both of us.

Here’s the official 33 week picture!