34 Weeks

I’m now just six weeks away from my due date! Starting with my appointment on Tuesday, I now have weekly doctor’s appointments from now until he is here. Some part of him is pushed up under my ribs on the left side. Thankfully it’s not uncomfortable, but I can definitely tell there’s something there if I take a deep breath. Our boy is now about 4.75 pounds, or about the weight of….a canteloupe! We always try to guess each week which item of produce he will be equal to; and this week Jeff guessed honeydew melon, which I think is close enough to count as correct.

My dad and Helen were here this weekend, and it was great to see them. The last time we saw them I was about 6 weeks pregnant, so I certainly look different this visit. Also, I am eating like a normal person rather than having bland carbs at every meal like I was on that trip. We realized driving back from the airport that we neglected to take any pictures, so unfortunately I have none to share. We had a great afternoon in Seattle yesterday, it was chilly but dry and the sun came out while we were walking around. We had dinner at Purple Cafe and Wine Bar downtown…if you ever get there, I highly recommend the sea salt caramels. Yum.

Here’s the 34 week shot, have a great week!

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