36 Weeks

So I’m a little late on this week’s post, here we are closing in on 37 weeks but I’ll update you on 36. The baby is now the size of a Crenshaw melon….yeah, we weren’t too familiar with them either. We looked it up and it looks like a large canteloupe to me. He was still head down at the last doctor appointment, so we are hoping he stays that way! We had a great shower with the Visser family on Sunday. It was fun to see everyone and we got a lot of nice things. My brother-in-law, his girlfriend and her daughter came up for the shower. It was really nice of them to make the trip, especially since it meant driving north to Lynden on Sunday for the shower, and then driving back south, and south, and east across the mountains to get home. Jeff has been very busy with a big work project, and it looks like the busy-ness will continue, so he won’t get to take much time off when the baby arrives. Of course we would both like him to be home for a while, but at the same time in today’s economy we are very glad that he has a job! I have no doubt that he will spend every possible minute with our boy and they will form a very special bond from the beginning. My plan is to work as long as I can until the baby is born, and then I’ll return to work in July, but part-time.

My wonderful co-workers surprised me today with a work shower! They plotted to get me to lunch totally unsuspecting what was going on. We had some yummy Thai food, gifts, then back to the office for cake. We have had some stressful times at work over the past year with budget cutbacks and layoffs, and I was reminded again today how lucky I am to work with such great people.

I have nursery pictures to share this week! First, here I am at 36 weeks, in the nursery:

Jeff and me with our cake at the Visser family shower:

Some nursery pictures. I need to get one that shows all of the striped wall so you can see the great job done by Jeff and Greg. We still need some kind of curtains and to hang some things on the walls.

The caterpillar toy is one I had and loved:

It’s too bad he won’t have any books….

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