38 Weeks

It’s hard to believe we are at 38 weeks! Actually coming up on 39 since I am a little late in posting this. Baby Boy Moore is now the length of a leek! He weighs close to 7 pounds and is about 19 1/2 inches long, though we’re guessing maybe a little longer. At my last appointment the OB was feeling his position in there (still head down, thankfully) and she said “This feels like a long baby!” Wouldn’t be too surprising, with a mom who is 5 foott 10 and a dad who is 6 foot 3! We are just waiting now, I think my coworkers are curious each day to see if I show up, and whenever Jeff or I call friends or family, we usually begin the conversation with “No news” or “Keri’s not in labor.”  I am planning to work as long as I can, I figure if I am overdue, I might as well be impatient at work. Since a good chunk of my maternity leave will be unpaid, I want to get in as many work days as I can until he arrives.

I certainly look very pregnant at this point…the other day someone asked me if I was having twins! Um, no, just 9 months pregnant, thanks. It didn’t bother me really though, I think on the whole I’m a good size for being full term. Being tall has definitely helped, I don’t stick out as far since there is more room in there for him, and I haven’t had problems with feeling short of breath like a lot of women I know.

Here’s the official 38 week shot. I’m sure you’ll recognize the trusty black maternity pants, as one of two pairs of maternity work pants they are in heavy rotation:

On Sunday I staged a belly photo shoot, Jeff took some pictures of the baby belly, and then we used the self-timer to take a few of both of us. Here’s one:

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