Purple Boy

It’s hard to believe Max is almost 4 weeks old already! Since he was gaining well at both of his weight checks last week, we didn’t have to go in at all this week. His one month pediatrician visit is Monday, so hopefully he will have gained well again then. Maxwell spent the last few days with a purple mouth, courtesy of Gentian Violet. He had some white spots on his tongue that the lactation specialist suspected were yeast, so we did the Gentian Violet treatment. It’s a natural solution that is very effective in treating yeast, you apply it daily for three days. It didn’t seem to bother Max at all but it does stain like crazy, giving his mouth and chin an interesting purple hue. It’s almost all faded away now, but of course we had to get some pictures for evidence:

Some of you know that we have two kitties, Dory and Pixel. So far they have thankfully seemed to adjust well to Max’s arrival, they mostly ignore him, though occasionally they’ll give him a sniff, and they’re not too impressed when he cries. The other day we placed Pixel next to Max, the following sequence shows what happened. Those of you who know our cats know that it the odds are extremely slim that we will ever get a picture like this with Dory.

Thanks for checking in!

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