Cuter by the Day!

I know, I know…it doesn’t seem possible that Max could get any cuter, and yet, he does. We are so in love with him and it is so much fun to watch him grow and change. For a couple weeks now he has been really grabbing onto our clothing when we hold him…just like a little baby monkey. It’s so cute to see him hang on like that. He’s still really trying to get a thumb or fingers into his mouth, but usually ends up just mouthing on his closed fist. Sometimes he does manage to capture some fingers, but they soon go flying out of his mouth again when he flails his arms. I’m sure he’s thinking, “Hey, who took those fingers away?”

We’re no longer giving him the reflux medicine. If anything it seemed to make him feel worse, so we’re thinking that his tummy owies are more from gas and digestion than reflux, though he probably does have a touch of that. I’m sure that Maxwell is thrilled we’re not using the medicine, here was the face he would make every time:

We got to show Max off to both our workplaces last week. I took him with me to visit my coworkers on Tuesday. They had met him before but hadn’t seen him for several weeks and were impressed with how much bigger he is. Then on Friday we drove down to Bellevue to meet Jeff at work. This was Max’s first time there and everyone was suitably wowed by his cuteness. He was calm and alert for our visit, just dozing off towards the end. This week we’ll mostly be hanging out at home, I have a friend and her little boy coming tomorrow to meet Max, and we are looking forward to a visit from Jeff’s brother, his girlfriend, her daughter and our niece over the holiday weekend. Then next Tuesday my friend Jess arrives from Ohio. I can’t wait for her to meet Max!

I’ll leave you with a few pictures. Enjoy!

All wrapped up in his cute froggy towel (thanks, Aunt Tami!)

Hanging out with Daddy:

Maxwell’s Grandpa (my dad) sent him this onesie before he was born. Grandpa is a Porsche fan and clearly wants to instill this same love in his grandson. Here’s Max showing off his “I’m so cool” Porsche attitude:

And one with a cute smile:

We had beautiful warm sunny weather all weekend. Max got to wear shorts, and we tried out his sunglasses. They’re still a little big, but I think he liked them.

Have a great week!

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