My First Mother’s Day

I loved celebrating my first Mother’s Day as a mom yesterday! Jeff and Max got me a beautiful card and a stroller charm for my charm bracelet. Then we journeyed up to my Grandma’s house in Lynden for the family celebration there. This was the extended family’s first chance to meet Maxwell, and they were suitably impressed with his cuteness. The weather here was beautiful and we enjoyed spending the afternoon there. I am really lucky to be a mom to such a wonderful baby!

Max has had some assorted minor health things the past couple of weeks. He’s battling baby acne. Thankfully he is confident enough in his charm and good lucks that it doesn’t bother him a bit.   A little over a week ago his left eye started watering a lot and then oozing goopiness. Turns out he has a blocked tear duct, which is very common and can come and go over the first year. If it keeps up after that, an eye doctor can open it up. Those of you who know my eye issues know that I can barely stand to contemplate what that would entail, so we’ll hope it’s not necessary. He comes by it honestly, turns out both Jeff and my mom had the same thing. The pediatrician gave us a prescription for some antibiotic ointment but said we might not need it, turns out she was right…it got much better over the next couple of days. Then today we were back to see her to ask about reflux. Max has shown some signs and she said that it was worth trying medicine, especially since there are very rarely side effects, it’s a really small dose. We notice it mainly when he’s sleeping, or trying to sleep, and is bothered by what we’ve taken to calling “owies in the tummy.” The pediatrician said that we’ll need to try the medicine for two or three weeks to know if it is effective. Hopefully it will help him, it is hard when he is clearly bothered and we can’t do much to help. Thankfully it will also improve as he gets older.

One side benefit of the visits to the doctor is Max gets weighed. We have been so happy to see his weight increasing at a good rate. Today he was up to 11 pounds, 1 ounce! It will be interesting to see where he is now on the growth chart when we have his official two month appointment in a couple weeks.

Don’t worry, I have pictures for you! First, Mother’s Day:

The three of us (Max is awake but closing his eyes against the bright):

Four generations on my mom’s side:

Max and Mommy (his onesie says “Mommy loves me”…truer words were never spoken)

Jeff, Trinity and Max. Trinity is my cousin Jason’s daughter and she couldn’t wait to meet Max. She has sent us some wonderful things for Max in the mail, and yesterday she gave him a bracelet she made. He is very lucky to have such a sweet cousin! Trinity did a great job of holding him and was very helpful when I changed his diaper also. She is an old pro from taking care of her beloved doll Happy.

Here’s Max after a bath on Saturday, showing off his mad tummy time skills. He held his head up like this for several minutes.

And finally, a shot showing that wonderful smile:

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