Two Months Old!

Max was officially two months old on Tuesday….though he was 8 weeks the Thursday before. As my friend Becky said, it’s kind of like pregnancy math, where you’re pregnant for 9 months but it’s 40 weeks. We are loving all the smiles he gives us, and he’s starting to do a funny little laugh sometimes. One of those gives me enough energy to make it through a whole night of interrupted sleep. We had a pretty uneventful week last week, we did enjoy a visit from a friend of mine and her 10 month old boy. It was fun to see them and I was reminded that we’ll have some childproofing to do before Max becomes mobile! Thursday night Jeff had to work late so it was just Max and me. Around 8pm I got him to sleep. I was tired, hungry, thirsty and ready to find some dinner. I walked out of his room to see that one of our cats (neither confessed but I suspect Dory) had eaten a piece of ribbon we had out from one of our baby gifts, and then thrown the ribbon back up. But she didn’t just do it in one spot, she apparently walked down the hallway, throwing up as she went. I really wanted to just leave it there, but I did clean it up…with a small break to get Max back to sleep when he woke up partway through the process. Needless to say, I was very happy to see Jeff when he got home and a big hug from him improved things dramatically!

Here are Max’s two month pictures…as Jeff says, the bear has shrunk since last month!

We are enjoying a visit this weekend from Jeff’s brother Greg, our niece Elizabeth, Greg’s awesome girlfriend Leah, and her daughter Emma. Well, actually, all four of them are awesome, and we love having them here. On Saturday we had, in the words of Emma, “Excellent girl time.” The four girls went and got manicures while the boys hung out at home. We discovered that the nail place will do little girls’ nails for only $3! Leah said it was worth that just to have someone else trim Emma’s nails. Here we are showing off when we got home:

The girls are enjoying their time with Max. What a cute group of kids!

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