First Plane Ride, Coming Right Up!

Max and I will be embarking on his first plane ride on Wednesday. We’re off to Michigan to visit Maxwell’s Oma and Opa, and to see his Wagenaar relatives. I am excited to be in Michigan and a little apprehensive about the almost 5 hour plane ride. Thankfully on the way there my mom will be on the same flight as us, but we’ll be coming back just the two of us, as she’s staying longer. For many reasons, I wish Jeff was able to come with us! Hopefully Max will sleep for much of the trip. We celebrated Father’s Day today since we’ll be in Michigan next Sunday. Jeff got a frame with Maxwell’s footprints on it, and we wrote “Max Loves Daddy” on it also which is oh so true. I think it was a hit. We spent the day relaxing at home together, which is one of our favorite things to do on the weekend. I also was able to get some naps in while Max had Daddy time. Max is still doing short naps during the day, but he did a nice long stretch of sleep last night, from about 7:15pm to 2:30am. I’m hoping those nighttime stretches get longer, especially since I’ll be going back to work the week after we get back from our trip (let’s not even talk about how hard THAT will be!).

Max is making progress on getting his fingers reliably in his mouth and has started to actually suck on them some of the time. He’ll do either hand but seems to prefer his left. Which fingers go in the mouth is totally random. He would dearly love to put his other hand in his hair while sucking on fingers…it will go up on his head and kind of wave around and try to grab on. However, this effort is hampered by the fact that he still doesn’t have very much hair.

The other day my mom came over to visit and I was feeding Max. She came up behind the chair we were in and looked over my shoulder and said hello to Max. He looked up and gave Grandma a great big smile, as milk came out of his mouth and down his chin. So cute!

Here’s your weekly picture fix:

Maxwell has so many cute outfits, I just love getting him dressed each morning. Many days he gives me the opportunity to put him in more than one outfit when the first one (or more!) gets baby fluids of some kind on it. Here’s his cute striped train outfit from Grandma:

Many of you know that I attended the University of Michigan for grad school. When we were in Michigan last summer, Max was just a few weeks in utero. We got him this onesie then. Go Blue!

Max’s Oma is a flight attendant, his Uncle Greg has worked as a pilot, and his Grandpa has his private pilot’s license. So a love of flying could well be in his blood! Here he is in his snazzy airplane shirt:

And finally, one of the three of us taken today, for Father’s Day:

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