Happy Birthday, Jeff!

It was Jeff’s birthday on Monday. It worked out well that it fell on Memorial Day this year, so most of you probably enjoyed a day off for Jeffrey P. Moore Day. We had a great family day together. We started the celebrating a day early while Greg, Leah and the girls were here. Leah baked a yummy chocolate cake (note the candle groupings…three and five, we got a little creative).

Then on Monday we went to lunch at Blue C Sushi in Lynnwood, one of those places with the belt going around and you can just grab the plates you want. It was yummy, even for a non-seaweed/raw fish lover like me, there were lots of options and you can see we had a big stack of plates when we were through:

Later I took a few pictures of my favorite boys together. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and son!

On Thursday Max had his two month checkup. At 10 weeks old he weighs 12 pounds, 1 ounce and is 25.5 inches long. This puts him in the 50th percentile for weight and the 98th percentile for length! Looks like he takes after mom and dad in the height department. He has rolled over during tummy time a few times now, and he obligingly demonstrated this for the pediatrician. I think it is accidental, he will be pushing up with his arms and looking around and then just kind of tips over to one side and rolls onto his back. But it’s still very impressive! It’s so fun to see him learning new things. Tuesday night my friend Jessica arrived and stayed with us for a few days. It was so wonderful to have her here and the time together just flew by. Here she is with Maxwell:

Jessica is a very talented photographer. While she was here she took some great pictures. Here are a couple:

We have had an unbelievable string of beautiful days here…sunny and warm. I’m hoping to be able to get out for some walks this week. It didn’t happen today, Max has been taking short naps all day. My cousin-in-law Callie says that having a baby is like taking a trip somewhere and getting jet lag but never recovering. I think that’s a very apt analogy! I know someday I’ll catch up on my sleep, and this is definitely better than the days when I never slept more than two hours at a time. Maybe tomorrow Max will take some longer naps for me. We can hope, right?

Here’s one final picture, of Max in this cute outfit I got for him at Old Navy the other day:

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