So it was a HOT week here last week….we’re talking in the 90s every day. It was a little much for early June. I’m happy to report that the past few days have been much more pleasant. Still sunny and warm, but not so blazing hot. Max seemed to do okay in the heat. I wondered if he’d be too hot swaddled but we tried going without it a few times and that did not go so well, so we ended up swaddling him in just a diaper and pointing the fan right at him. We had a fun weekend spending time with family and friends. Maxwell is just as cute as ever and giving us lots of smiles and little laughs. On Sunday night he slept from 9:30pm to 4:45am! Of course I did not sleep that whole time, kept waking up and checking on him, but it was still glorious. Unfortunately it wasn’t repeated last night, we had a middle of the night wakeup, but maybe he’ll decide to try it again soon. We can hope! He’s still been doing a lot of the short napping, with a longer one interspersed every so often…to give us hope, I guess.

Next week Max and I will be flying to Michigan to visit family. This will be Maxwell’s first time meeting the extended Wagenaar family and he can’t wait! I hear they are pretty excited as well. We will also get to see his Oma and Opa Moore. The only sad part is that Jeff won’t be coming with us, and we’ll be gone over Father’s Day. Many apologies to my wonderful husband for taking The Boy away for that day…we’ll be celebrating it this Sunday. If you have any winning plane travel tips, by all means send them my way. I’m hoping for a cooperative baby and understanding seatmates…or even better, empty seats! My mom will be with us on the flight there, which will be a huge help, but we’ll be coming back before she does.


This was taken at my Grandma’s house when we went up about a week ago.

I have a Moby Wrap (infant sling wrap) that I’m planning to use for the airport, so I’ve been practicing with it the past few days. Max seems not to mind hanging out in there:

On Saturday Max was wearing a cute red polo onesie and jeans. Jeff was inspired to also wear a red polo with his jeans, and they looked very sharp together. Check them out:

Here they are doing some tummy time:

Jeff has been playing around with the photo editing program GIMP. You can do some really cool things, I will leave you with one that we love. And yes, Max’s eyes are really that blue…that part of the photo is untouched!

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