Seasoned Traveler Max and I had a great time on our trip to see the family. Maxwell was a champion traveler. We lucked out on the ride there and had an empty seat in our row so we were able to take his seat on and with mom and me, we had a full row to ourselves. The ride home was just me and Max, and the plane was completely full. Thankfully the people next to us were very nice, and Max did great on both flights…minimal fussing for short periods, and he slept for a couple hours each time. When we were in the Seattle airport a couple people came up to me after the flight and commented on what a good baby he was on the plane. All in all, a successful first two plane rides! I can see it getting much more challenging as he gets older and more mobile and is not so happy to be confined for several hours. We enjoyed our time with family, Max charmed all the Wagenaar relatives and his Oma and Opa were thrilled to see him again. We also got to see a family whom I used to babysit for when I lived in Grand Rapids. Grant and Grace are so grown up now, I wish they lived closer to us so that they could babysit for Max. Dave, Lisa, Grant and Grace, it was great to see you and I miss you lots!

buy Lyrica in thailand In other news, I go back to work on Wednesday. I will miss Maxwell so much! It helps a lot that Jeff will be home with him on Wednesday and Thursday, and then Friday is a holiday. Many of you know that we are in the process of layoffs at work and I am at risk of being bumped out of my position, so far we are still in wait and see mode. I am really hoping to stay in this job, it is part-time and a great fit for me. If anyone out there knows of someone who will just pay me (plus benefits, please) to stay home with Max, by all means let me know! Max got an unplanned bath this morning after he peed everywhere not once, but twice during a diaper change. He seemed pretty proud of himself afterwards so we suspect maybe he was saving it up for just such an occasion. He still loves sucking on his fingers, he is much better at getting them in his mouth but hasn’t figured out that he can bring the fingers to the mouth, he usually tries to bring the mouth to the fingers…it’s very cute.

On to pictures!

On an airplane for the very first time!

Giving love to Oma and Opa and Grandpa:

The Grand Rapids family threw a “Welcome Maxwell” party for us, complete with cake. The picture below is with my cousin David, we were laughing that to those who don’t know us it will look like a family shot. Dave said maybe we could PhotoShop Jeff’s head in for his…he is about the right height!

Max doing tummy time in Anne and Don’s backyard:

With Mallory, Shani and Grandma:


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