Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We are looking forward to celebrating Maxwell’s second Easter tomorrow. Normally we go to my Grandma’s house for Easter dinner, which we will do tomorrow. Last year, we had a teeny tiny newborn and were extremely sleep deprived, so we stayed home and my mom was kind enough to bring Easter dinner to us. It will be fun to celebrate with lots of family tomorrow, and we will also be doing a birthday celebration for Max and his cousin Kendra. Max definitely won’t get the egg hunt concept this year, but if the weather cooperates we can at least get some pictures of him amidst the eggs. Max the bunny would like to wish you a wonderful Easter holiday:

We had Maxwell’s one year checkup on Monday. He is weighing in at just under 23 pounds, which is right in the 50th percentile. He’s still at the top of the charts for height and head circumference, no surprise to us. Our pediatrician said that he is doing great cognitively and is doing some things that are more on an 18 month level in that department. Physically he is a little behind for his age, so she referred us to a pediatric physical therapist. She emphasized that it was to help him catch up and reduce his frustration that he can’t get to what he wants, not a sign of a major problem. The physical therapist will do an evaluation and give us some things we can do at home, and then if the eval results warrant ongoing therapy, they will make a plan for that. We also will be visiting a pediatric opthamologist to check Max’s eyes. He has a slight “lazy eye” where his eyes don’t always track exactly together. This runs on my dad’s side of the family, so we want to get it checked out. Sometimes it resolves on its own, and sometimes some intervention is needed. That appointment is May 6.

On a totally different topic, many of you know that I have a great love for the color blue and for stripes. Not surprisingly, I especially enjoy blue stipes. Witness our diaper bag:

When my dad was visiting recently, we went shopping for new clothes for Max as an early birthday present for him. The other day I washed them all and as I was folding them to put away, I thought “This shirt looks familiar….” I went to my closet and sure enough, I have one that is almost identical. Perhaps I will pass my love of blue stripes on to Max:

When I lived in the Midwest, it wasn’t unusual to have snow on Easter. We don’t quite have snow here this weekend, though they did get two feet in the mountains, but it is really cold. My fingers are crossed that it at least doesn’t rain tomorrow. I’m sure Max will have his share of egg hunts in the rain, or bundled up in a jacket and hat. Given the beautiful winter we’ve had, I’ll take a chilly Easter. As long as I get to celebrate it with my two favorite boys, it’s a success in my book.

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