Tulip Time

We made it to the tulips! Last year at this time Max was a newborn and we were in the midst of that crazy 90 minute feeding routine, followed by sleeping for 90 minutes, and repeat….I’m still not quite sure how I survived it, but suffice it to say I was in no state to get up to the tulip fields last spring. This year I was determined to go, and Jeff really wanted to get there also as he has never been. Due to our mild winter, the tulips bloomed earlier than usual. We had to wait for cooperative weather and a healthy Maxwell, but finally everything fell into place and we made the drive north to Mount Vernon. Traffic getting up there can be crazy, so we went first thing in the morning and got there as the farm opened. We had sunshine and warm weather, and the tulips were as beautiful as we had hoped they would be. I can’t put into words how amazing it is to see all those colors in rows and rows of blooms. We’ll definitely be making this an annual event!

Lots of pictures to share, and this is just a selection from the many we took. Enjoy!

Getting in touch with his Dutch heritage in front of the windmill:

Max’s new favorite thing is to do “nose beeps.” Much as you might guess from the name, this involves touching someone’s nose and having them say “beep.” We do it to Max, now he does it to us. Here are Max and Jeff giving each other nose beeps amidst the tulips:

One more…

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