On the Move!

Look out, world, Maxwell is mobile! The night before our first home visit from the physical therapist, Max crawled for the first time! We were upstairs and he spied my cell phone, which I don’t normally let him play with. He was reaching for it and I placed it out of reach to see what he’d do, and he managed to get him himself up and crawling to reach it. Then I ran and got the video camera and he repeated the feat a couple more times. He did it again for Jeff when he got home that night. We are so proud and excited! We will continue with the physical therapy as planned since he can still use some catching up, but it was pretty funny that he crawled so close to that first visit. Guess he finally realized we were serious. Here is the first video I took that night:

Here’s Max enjoying another chance to play with the coveted phone this morning:

Jeff’s birthday is Tuesday, so Max and I took him out for a sushi lunch today for an early celebration. Max had a great time and sampled several different things (no actual sushi quite yet). The restaurant is the kind with a moving belt with different plates and sushi chefs working in the center. Max loved watching the belt go around and made friends with one of the chefs. He also tried to go upside down as much as one can in a high chair:

The noodles were a hit:

At one point a server in a short skirt was standing at the hostess stand behind our table. Max was enthralled. Here he is checking her out:

And one with Mom:

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