Weekend Fun

I don’t have a lot to write about this week, but I wanted to get a couple new pictures up for Max’s adoring fans. We’ve had a very nice weekend. On Saturday I co-hosted a baby shower for a friend at our house. Max slept through most of it but enjoyed hanging out with us towards the end of the afternoon. Then Saturday night our friends Laura and Dave came over and brought dinner (their delicious shrimp pizzas). Max was in fine form and performed all his tricks for them…blinking, nose beeps, the “more, ” “all done” and “milk” signs, lots of waving and of course plenty of general cuteness. He also showed off his latest development on the mobility front: He stands by the side of his toy shopping cart, pushes it and takes steps! It happened by accident a few days ago, and then we figured out that it works better for him than pushing it from the back or front, because the wheels just slide sideways across the carpet and the cart doesn’t move as fast. He’ll do (guided) laps of the living room that way now.

Today we got to babysit for a friend’s little girl who is just a couple months older than Max. It is always fun to see what things she is doing and she liked checking out the toys at our house. Her favorite part of visiting us is crawling up the stairs (closely supervised, of course!). All in all, a great weekend!

This week we have Max’s physical therapy evaluation on Wednesday and then his pediatric opthamologist appointment on Thursday, so it will be a busy week! Here are a few pictures:

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