Fun Times with Grandparents

Max’s Grandpa and Grandma Helen left this morning to go back to Ohio. We had a great time with them as always and the days went by too quickly. Unfortunately, Max was sick for the tail end of their visit. He came down with a fever and cough a couple days ago; we went to the pediatrician this morning and thankfully his lungs and ears are clear, so it’s one of those wait-it-out-virus things. But for most of their visit he was feeling good and they got to have some fun grandparent-grandson time together while Mom and Dad were at work. Here are some photos from their time here.

At the park:

A few taken while they took care of Max…that favorite activity, swinging:

Giving Grandpa a kiss (which currently consists of Max resting his open mouth against your face):

Reading Goodnight Moon:

I’ve mentioned our friends Eric, Angel and Emmeline here before. We’ve noticed that every time we get together with them, one of our kids does something new (Emmeline climbed stairs for the first time at our house). Well, the trend continues, because we went over to their house for a yummy Mexican dinner last week and lo and behold, Max did some great standing. He used my legs to get up and down and then would stand on his own for a few seconds. He did it over and over and was so proud of himself! We’re all curious to see who will do what next time we see each other! Here he is in action, sporting his “Captain Awesome” t-shirt, appropriately enough:

I’ll end with a couple prime “messy face” pictures from this past week. One is after an enthusiastic yogurt snack, the other at the end of a delicious pasta dinner that Dad made, which Max topped off with some more yogurt.

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