Hurry, Hurry Drive the Fire Truck

In Max’s swim class we sing the song “Hurry, Hurry Drive the Fire Truck” accompanied with various swimming motions. It’s one of his favorites, and he also loves the fire truck piece from a puzzle we have. Imagine our surprise when we stepped outside for a walk this afternoon to find a fire truck in our alley! Thankfully it was there for a good reason. Turns out one of neighbors (who has a different floor plan than us) has a smoke detector at the top of her two-story entryway, and she can’t get to it to change the batteries. I know, not the best design. The local fire department came out to change the batteries for her, and the firefighters invited the kids to check out the truck. Here’s Max in the passenger seat:

By the side of the truck with Daddy:

And ready to go for a ride on the back:

A couple weeks ago we were lucky to have a visit from our dear friends Doug and Donna. They moved to California right before Max was born and we miss them so much. They were in Seattle for a wedding and made the trip up here for dinner after the wedding and before beginning their long drive home. We really appreciated that they got up here to see us during their short visit and it was great fun to see Max with them. Here’s a photo of the three of them, Max is about to give Donna one of his famous nose beeps.

Max’s next physical therapy visit is Friday. He is making good progress on the walking front; he’ll now walk holding only one of our hands most of the time, and tonight he was stood up and then took a couple steps to Jeff, and then repeated that a few more times. Here’s father and son walking at the park:

If you’ve visited our house, you’ve seen the comfy glider chair we have in the living room. Lately Max loves to sit in it and play. He leans forward and back to make it rock, stands up and looks over the back, reaches his hand into the space between the seat and the arm, and can get down all by himself. Here he is in action:

And reaching in. He always reaches into the right side opening, I’m not sure if he hasn’t yet realized there’s also one on the left, or just prefers the right side.

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