We’re Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo…..

Last weekend we took Max to the zoo for the first time along with our friends Angel, Eric and Emmeline. The weather forecast was for showers, but the skies cleared and we had great weather. We saw lots of cool animals, shared a tailgating picnic lunch, and squeezed in a few more animals before Max was almost asleep on his feet. He zonked out before we got back on the freeway. We had a great time and look forward to going again! Here’s the picture bonanza, in a few of these you can see a small rock in Max’s hand, he held that through almost our entire visit.

These monkeys were making a crazy amount of noise that could be heard all over the zoo. Check out that huge balloon-like throat they have inflated!

Car picnic!

Max loves to be tossed in the air:

Signing “more” as soon as I stopped:

Happy boy:

We set the kids next to each other to take a picture. Maxwell sweetly reached over and held Emmeline’s hand. Awwww…..

Wait, what’s that in his hand?

Oh. He stole her snack.

I love the way you can see Jeff laughing in this one.

Max is walking really well these days. He looks so cute walking along, holding his hands out a bit for balance, self-correcting when he starts to tip over (most of the time) and standing up again when he does lose his balance. When we were at the zoo he definitely didn’t want to sit in the stroller for long stretches, but would much rather be out and moving. We had the fabulous J. Shelton Photography take Maxwell’s 18 month pictures (a week early) yesterday. I will definitely share those when we get them!

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