Fall Fun, Round 1

Yes, I’m falling behind on blogging again, but I’m getting back on track, I promise. I’m going to try to at least two, if not three, blog posts this weekend to get caught up on our fun fall adventures. Of course this is somewhat dependent on how long Max naps, but hopefully I can get one post done today at least. My friend Jenn is a great writer and she has undertaken a mission to blog daily for a month to get caught up. Of course, she usually blogs at about 3am, which won’t work for me since I get up not even three hours after that, but I love reading her daily entries. I don’t think I’m quite ready for that commitment, but I’ll try to get back to once a week at least.

Fall is flying by for us! We’ve had a visit from family and have more family coming next weekend, two birthday parties for Max’s friends, and we have a Halloween party with some friends tomorrow. Somewhere in there Max was sick again but I’m happy to report he is feeling much better now. He has however developed a new habit of waking somewhere around 4-5 in the morning. He’ll sit up in bed, hold Chester bear, and cry until I go in. Then he’s instantly quiet and goes right back to sleep when I leave. Hmmm…I’m thinking we’ll be working on a Falling Back to Sleep By Yourself refresher course soon. Hopefully it won’t be too traumatic for any of us.

Max continues to add signs to his repertoire, he now also signs “ball,” “where” and “swing.”  One of his favorite foods is broccoli. That was definitely inherited from Jeff, as many of you know I eat broccoli fairly often, but only because I know it is good for me. The other day we had broccoli and chicken. Maxwell would only eat the chicken if we hid small pieces in bites of broccoli. Jeff and I were amusing ourselves wondering how many parents out there hide the food they want their child to eat in the broccoli he loves.

For round one of fall fun photos, I’ll share pictures from a visit Max and I made earlier this month to a nearby farm. We wandered around, since it was a weekday morning we had the place almost to ourselves. Maxwell loved the flags around the parking lot:

Checking out the bins of pumpkins and gourds:

Have you ever knocked on a pumpkin? No? Give it a try!

Showing me his rock, which he found in the parking lot and held almost the whole time:

I love these three:

This farm has a “How Tall This Fall?” sign that is up every year. We’ve taken pictures in front of it for the past couple years, and I wanted one of Max by it this year too. Yeah, not so much. I’m going to have to go back with Jeff so I can click the camera shutter the second Jeff stands him in the right spot. This was the best I could do:

And a final one of him showing me his rock (as you may have guessed, this was generally how I got him to look at me for a picture):

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