First Dentist Visit

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I don’t have many pictures from yesterday, but I’m happy to report we had a snowy but safe drive to my Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner with about 20 extended family members. Max didn’t eat a lot of the feast, but he did enjoy some sweet potatoes and turkey. Mostly he wanted to play with all the cool toys Great-Grandma has. I am so grateful for my wonderful husband, our amazing boy, and time spent with family.

I recently took Max on his first visit to the dentist. I figured it would be more to expose him to the dental office than to really do a cleaning, as I didn’t know how comfortable he’d be. The office we visited was recommended by a friend and specializes in pediatric dentistry. They had a cool train table in the lobby, so that was a good start:

Once they called us back, the hygienist explained that they would just get as far as they could with the exam, and stop when Max had had enough. We decided to see how he did in the chair, but she said we could do the exam with him in my lap if we needed to. Lo and behold, Maxwell surprised me by sitting in the chair as nice as you please, and letting both the hygienist and dentist clean and look at his teeth. This was good news on many counts, not the least of which was that it allowed me to take pictures of this historic first visit.

Checking out the chair:

Looking up at the TV:

Examining the toothbrush she’ll use:

This isn’t so bad:

I don’t know what you were worried about Mom, this is no big deal!

Max loved the water sprayer. I don’t know how long he would have kept drinking from it if she hadn’t moved on:

Look Mom! A light-up mirror!

At the end of the exam they let Max try on the sunglasses, which were a bit hit:

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