Halloween, and the Rest of Fall

So we’re not quite halfway through November, and here I am finally getting caught up on October. Whew! I’m sorry to report that I don’t have any pictures to share of Max in his cute monkey costume, because Maxwell hates said costume. We attempted to try it on once, and great protest ensured. Thereafter, any time I would even hold up the costume, unpleasant sounds and frantic “All done” signing would commence. So, we compromised. We attended a birthday party for one of Max’s friends a couple weeks before Halloween. The party was a “pizza party” theme (really well done, may I add) and all the kids attending got chef’s hats to wear. Max loved his and wore it all through the party and later at home. So when we attended a “wear your costume” party held at a friend’s house, Max wore his chef’s hat and carried around a measuring cup (something he likes to play with anyway), as a makeshift costume. Here he is at Hailey’s party, wearing his hat:

And the group picture at the baby costume party. Can you see how thrilled they are to be posing?

Not to worry, fun was had at the party. Max discovered a Bumbo chair, which occupied him for quite some time:

And there were balloons! Here’s a series of Maxwell and his friend Holden enjoying them. First, Max finds an orange balloon:

Then, there’s some disagreement about who should hold the balloon:

But not to worry, there’s another orange balloon!

Hooray! Balloon fun for everyone!

We didn’t take Max trick-or-treating this year, since (a) He hates his costume and (b) He really has no concept of what the holiday is. I’m sure next year will be a different story. He did help hand out candy, and before the trick-or-treaters started, he helped Daddy sort out the candy. What? Everyone knows you save the best candy for the end, so if you have leftovers, it’s the good stuff.

And to close, here are a couple photos of Max being cute in his new hat from our friend Leanne of Tiny Toppers. He loves the hat and likes to wear it around the house.

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