Music Class

On Wednesdays Max and my mom go to music class. Since I’m at work when they go, I haven’t gotten to take pictures yet. This week I had a shorter workday on Wednesday so I was able to get away from the office and join them at class. Here are the pictures:

This was the first class of a new session, so they had name tags out. Max didn’t think they belonged on his shirt (or on mine, for that matter) so we put it on his back when he wasn’t looking:

Sitting in a circle, watching the teacher:

They did a new song that involved rolling over. Here’s Grandma helping Max try it:

Maxwell thought it was really funny when the teacher rolled over:

Saying and signing “More” when she stopped:

Fun with Grandma:


And quite possibly Max’s favorite part of music class: Snack time afterward! For the last 10 minutes or so of class he would sign “Eat” every so often, and we’d explain that snack time would be coming soon.

Max didn’t want to do much rolling over in class, but since then he’s very interested in it. He’ll say “Wo ober” and have one of us do it. Very cute. He still does lots of saying “hi” and “bye” to things. The other day I was giving him some string cheese, which was a big hit. After he finished a piece he would say “More chee” and I’d pass him another piece. When it was gone I explained the cheese was all done. He thought for a minute and then said, “Bye-bye, chee.” It is so fun listening to him talk and try out new words. Maxwell’s current favorite thing to play is Hide and Seek (“Hi-See”). He gets the general idea but not always the fine points of the execution. Sometimes he’ll hide under his coloring table or behind the rocking chair, and other times he’ll stand in the middle of the living room and we pretend not to see him as we hunt all around. As soon as we find him he’ll immediately say, “More!”

I’ve entered week 19 of pregnancy and am feeling good. I am feeling the baby move every day, which is always wonderful. So far the flutters aren’t strong enough to be felt from the outside, so Jeff is still waiting to feel it. We find out this week if the baby is a boy or a girl….or should I say, we get confirmation that it is a boy. Hopefully baby is not shy and shows off the goods!

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