Ordinary Week

We had an ordinary week this week. I don’t take that lightly, our ordinary life is pretty amazing. This week we had time with friends, Max had gymnastics class, and we’ve had time to relax and play at home. Max’s music class that Grandma takes him to was cancelled this week because of snow…we got a few inches of snow here on Tuesday night. It was still around Wednesday morning, which is enough to cancel school around here, but it changed to rain by that afternoon.

Maxwell is showing us his opinion on things lately, just as an almost-two-year-old should. For a long time his “No” has sounded more like “Nyeh”….almost as if he had a bit of a Russian accent. But now he’s mastered the “o” sound and very clearly says “No.” Even though he’s sometimes saying it when we’d rather he didn’t, it’s so cute to hear his little voice. Max also has formed new opinions about what he wants to eat. Gone are the days when he would happily gobble broccoli and spinach. Now he’ll either just not open his mouth at all, or open his mouth and then spit the offending item out. As I write this, Max is in his crib, not napping, because he threw his Chester Bear out of the bed. He did this yesterday too, both times we retrieved Chester once and warned that we wouldn’t pick him up again. No Chester equals no nap, so it will be an early bedtime tonight! I will say that Chester has very good manners, Maxwell likes to give Chester a pretend drink or bite of snack, and then he always has Chester sign “Thank you” (sometimes using Max’s own chin for the sign). It’s really cute to see.

A few pictures from our week:

Max while playing at a friend’s house on Friday:

Saturday we went to gymnastics and then took Maxwell to get his hair cut. I don’t have any pictures of the hair cut, because it required both Jeff and me to be on our toes distracting Max so he’d stay in the chair. But the place we go has a small creek and a bunch of ducks, so we did get to see the ducks first. Max was enthralled and said “Quack quack quack” and waved to the ducks:

After the hair cut we went out to lunch at a restaurant that has a train running on a track suspended from the ceiling. Max loved watching it and saying “Choo choo” every time it went by.

We have a couple small leather boxes with removable lids in our entryway. Maxwell recently discovered that he can take the lids off, take the blankets out, and sit inside. This has provided lots of entertainment lately.

It’s even more fun when Daddy peeks over the railing from the landing above.

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