Happy Valentine’s Day!

A slightly belated Happy Valentine’s Day from Max!

Blowing a kiss:

Our big news from this past week is that Maxwell graduated from speech therapy! We had a visit on Monday and they did another assessment to see where he was, and lo and behold, he is caught up. Max remains above his age level on receptive speech, and is within the normal range for expressive speech. Our speech therapist gave us a few things to continue to work on and said we can check in with her any time if needed, but that she didn’t see a need for continued therapy at this point. It was great to hear this, we have noticed how much more Max is talking but it’s always nice to get reassurance from an independent professional. Max knows and can say the colors red, orange, green, blue, purple, pink, white and black. He also loves to count to three and can go as high as 10 with a little help. He’s started to sing parts of the ABC song along with us, which is just amazingly cute. It’s hard to believe his birthday is in just under a month!

Yesterday Jeff took some great pictures of Maxwell playing with his yellow ball. Balls remain a favorite toy and Max looks for them whenever we visit someone’s house. Yesterday he went to Grandma’s house so Jeff and I could go on a date for lunch and a movie (we highly recommend “The King’s Speech”) and he was so excited to play with the balls at Grandma’s house. He talked about them after we got home and remembered what colors they are.

In pregnancy news, I’m 22 weeks as of today! Things continue to go well, I have a prenatal visit this week so hopefully everything looks good there. Here’s my belly picture from this past week:

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