It’s a…Girl?!

What’s that they say about mothers’ intuition? Maybe that it’s sometimes wrong? We didn’t get a 100% certain opinion, but both our ultrasound tech and the radiologist said they are confident our baby is a GIRL! Needless to say, we were quite surprised, but thrilled. She had her legs together the whole time, so we didn’t get a full frontal shot, but they saw enough to be quite sure. Most importantly, everything looked good…heart, brain, spine, kidneys, all appear to be as they should be. It was so wonderful to see our baby in there, moving around and looking good. It really is amazing how much is developed at this point, and we are so grateful that things are going well with this pregnancy. As of today I am at 20 weeks, so halfway done! I’m still feeling good, I had some back pain the past couple days but it isn’t as bad today. We are enjoying exploring a whole new world of girl names and clothes.

Some pictures of our daughter!

At the end of the ultrasound they turned on the 3D equipment. It’s still early in the pregnancy for 3D pictures, so the tech didn’t take very many, but we did get this sweet one of her face. She had her hands up there pretty much the whole time:

Max has some kind of tummy issue going on, though we can’t quite figure it out. Thursday he didn’t want any dinner and later threw up once. No fever, seemed fine Friday and yesterday, then this morning threw up again after breakfast. Again no fever, seems fine now. We can’t pinpoint anything new or unusual that he’s eaten lately, hopefully it was just a very minor tummy bug of some kind and is on its way out. We’ve had a pretty low-key weekend, just taking it easy and playing at home. This morning when Max had just gotten sick, we mellowed out with a little Thomas the Tank Engine on TV, while holding my phone:

Maxwell has a bike helmet to go with a bike trailer we have. It’s sized for three years, and is currently just a bit too small for his giant head.   We have been getting a lot of use out of it around the house, as Max enjoys putting it on, taking it off, having us try it on, etc:

Another favorite thing to do is try on Daddy’s shoes:

A couple random cute ones:

And a special treat to end the post: A video! Jeff’s phone has a video camera, and Max loves to sit with Daddy and watch himself on the screen. A little translation for the middle of the video…when Maxwell leans in very close to the screen, you’ll hear him say, “Hi Max,” followed by “Phone.”   Enjoy!

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