I know, I know, I’m woefully behind on blogging! An entry on Max’s birthday will be coming soon, but first: Our trip to Florida! We spent a wonderful week in Florida with Max’s Grandpa and Grandma Helen. After a snowy, rainy winter here, we really appreciated sun and temperatures in the low 80s! We had one day with a bit of rain but not enough to slow us down at all. 
Maxwell was a champion traveler. I packed lots of special snacks, new toys, and we brought kids’ videos for him to watch. We had some special children’s headphones to use for those, but he didn’t want to wear them for very long at a time. Thankfully he was still interested in watching shows without them. Max didn’t sleep at all on the trip to Florida, but did zonk out for a couple hours on the Atlanta-Seattle leg coming home. 
Checking out the airplanes in Seattle:
Watching “Blue’s Clues”
While in Florida, we spent a lot of time at the beach. Max liked collecting seashells, digging in the sand, standing in the shallow water, and feeding the seagulls. Here are some photos of our beach boy: 
Getting sunscreen on, holding the favorite orange ball:
In the ocean! It was a hit, every time a wave would hit us he would say, “More water!”
The pool in Dad and Helen’s neighborhood was another big hit. Dad and Helen have some pool noodles and Max loved the purple one, he always wanted to hold it while riding in the stroller on the walk to the pool. 
Playing “Blast Off” with Daddy:
When we weren’t having fun in the water, we spent time exploring the island, eating lots of delicious fresh seafood, and relaxing at Dad and Helen’s house. 
One morning Dad and Jeff took a Segway tour of the island while Helen and I took Max to a beachfront park:
Thank you so much, Grandma Helen and Grandpa! We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to come back!

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