29 Weeks

I’m now in the third trimester and 29 weeks pregnant. Baby is about the weight of a butternut squash and her head is growing bigger to make room for her developing brain. I’m very happy to report that I passed my one hour glucose test last week, so I don’t have to undergo that torture, er I mean three hour test, this time around. We’re continuing to work on the nursery. This coming weekend will be a long session of purging, cleaning and organizing so that we can move the bed from the guest room into the office, and then we can really begin to pull the nursery together. It’s a lot of fun to pick out what will go in there and imagine the time we’ll spend with our baby girl!

Here’s the belly pic from last week:

Maxwell had a good week. His sleep has been shifting a bit lately, with naps only happening sometimes. I keep telling him it’s way too early to stop napping! Thankfully even on the days he doesn’t sleep he’ll lay happily in his crib and talk and sing. It’s pretty funny to listen in on the monitor to the things he says. He continues to really enjoy reading books and will fill in the words on favorite ones if we pause. The way he pronounces some words is so cute–like “sawbabies” for “strawberries.” Every so often he’ll say something that reminds us what a good memory he has….yesterday we were out for lunch and I was sharing a couple bites of my burger with him. I said something about “hamburger” and he immediately said, “Grandpa’s house?” Well, when we were in Florida last month we did indeed have hamburgers one night at my dad and Helen’s. It’s amazing what goes on in his brain!

It’s still pretty rainy here, but we had a dry day on Saturday, so we took a walk to the park. I’ll leave you with some pictures:

Look at those gorgeous eyes!

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