Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to my dear blog readers! More about our Easter in a minute, I’ll start with the baby update. I’m now 31 weeks pregnant and our little girl is now about 16 inches long and weighs approximately 3.3 pounds…about the same as four navel oranges. She had the hiccups for the first time (that I noticed, at least) today. It’s so much fun feeling her move around in there. Everything looked good at my prenatal visit last week, I’m measuring right on track and her heart rate was about 140. Here’s the latest belly picture:

Our Easter weekend did not quite go as planned, poor Maxwell came down with a fever Saturday afternoon and didn’t want to do much except cuddle with me the rest of the day and Sunday. We took him to the doctor yesterday as he is coughing quite a bit, but I’m glad to report everything looked good–no ear infection, lungs sound clear, so the verdict is just a bad cold to wait out. Saturday morning was beautiful and sunny here, and Max was still feeling peppy at that point, so we were able to participate in our neighborhood egg hunt.

Waiting for the signal to go:

I don’t have any pictures of Max actually collecting eggs as it was kind of a mad rush of children, but here he is checking out his spoils with Daddy:

Showing me what he got:

There’s chocolate in those eggs! Note the messy mouth.

Sunday we had planned to head up to my grandma’s house for the big family Easter dinner and egg hunt, but we had to bail since Max definitely wasn’t up to it. He did rally to find some eggs Easter morning. He definitely remembered that there were treats in there this time, every time he found one he’d shake it, then turn to us and ask, “Eat it?”

Pausing in egg collection. Note Dory checking out what’s in the Easter basket behind him. Pixel tried that as well and Max quickly said, “No no, Pixel.”

Later that morning came the crash. We knew he was feeling crummy when he fell asleep on me in the chair, that never happens:

I hated to see him not feeling good, but I did treasure all the extra snuggles we had over the weekend. Yesterday and today he does seem to be on the mend, not back 100% yet–still not much appetite and more resting and snuggling than usual, but also more playing, running around, etc, which is very nice to see. He’s been watching more TV than normal the past few days, and the current favorite show is “Blue’s Clues.” He was watching an episode yesterday where the main character (Steve) drew a picture of a soup pot. As Steve was drawing the lid, he mentioned that it was shaped like a circle. Max was quick to correct him by saying “Oval” and it was indeed an oval shape, not a circle.

This last batch of pictures has nothing to do with Easter, but I wanted to share them. The other day Max spotted one of his winter hats in the stroller and wanted to wear it. He was able to get it on and off by himself and would narrate “Hat on” and “Hat off.” He wore it for a good part of the day. Of course we had to get photo evidence of the cuteness:

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