Fun With Oma and Opa

We are having a great time with Oma and Opa! We always love to see them, and they take great care of us while they are here. The time always goes by far too quickly, but we’re so lucky that they were able to take a trip out here. They couldn’t wait to meet Anna and to see Max again. Maxwell is keeping us entertained with his two year old self. The other night he asked if he could throw the high chair tray from our toy high chair. I told him no, and he went ahead and tossed it, so I put the chair away. He wanted to play with it some more and I said we had to put it away because he threw the tray, but that we would try again tomorrow and he could make a better choice then. He thought that over and then asked, “Make a better choice today?” Nice try, buddy.

We love watching Max’s mind work. Recently he was trying to tell Jeff and me that one of his toys was growing. He kept repeating that it was “Growing” and we couldn’t figure out what he was saying and kept repeating other, incorrect words back to him. Finally he said, “It’s getting bigger!” and we exclaimed, “Oh, it’s growing!” He smiled and said, “Yeah!” He was probably wondering how smart we really were, but I loved seeing him figure out that he needed to say the same thing in a different way.

Anna is of course as cute as ever. She’s a bit of a night owl, I didn’t get her down for the night until after 11 last night. I’m hoping she moves that bedtime a little earlier before I go back to work, but thank goodness she usually does at least a six hour stretch of sleep at nighttime. After our early morning feeding she almost always zonks out and I hold her on my shoulder for a few minutes to try to minimize the likelihood that she’ll spit up. Even though my body is pleading for me to go back to sleep, I usually hold her a bit longer than I need to. I just love those sleepy baby snuggles, and I know all too soon they’ll be over.

I have lots of pictures again this time, so I’ll get to it.

Anna and I hung out with Angel and Penelope again last week, so of course I had to get some pictures of our beautiful girls:

General cuteness from the kids:

Anna’s Great-Aunt Wendy made this blanket for her:

The aftermath of one of Max’s very favorite treats: Cupcakes!

My talented friend Leanne made this dress:

Some pictures with Oma and Opa. Here they are meeting Anna for the first time:

Having a great time together:

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