Two Months Old!

I’m back, dear blog readers! Apologies for the hiatus. You’d think life with a two year old and an infant was busy or something. But after two different people said, “Hey, that baby on justaminutemoore is still only six weeks old!” I knew I was overdue for an update. I’ll try to get back to my weekly posting schedule.

Our beautiful Anna is two months old already! The time is sure flying by. Her official two month stats:
11 pounds, 6 ounces: 64th percentile
23.6 inches long: 90th percentile
40cm head circumference: 74th percentile

She got a thumbs up from the pediatrician, who was impressed that she usually does a six hour stretch of sleep at night (Mama is very grateful!). Anna showed off her smiles and how well she can lift her head. At two months old, she still doesn’t love tummy time, but it seems to be getting a little better. She really doesn’t like getting out of the bathtub–she screams the whole time we’re drying her off and getting her dressed, and then calms down as soon as she’s picked up. She still has a really fast “on” switch for hunger–fine one minute, starving the next. She gives us lots of smiles and is starting to coo and sometimes do a little cough/laugh sound that is just too cute. We could not love her more!

Max is doing well, he has been very complimentary lately, saying things like, “Mama, you’re a good driver” and “You’re really strong, Daddy.” A couple days ago I was carrying him down the stairs and he said, “You’re a good walker, Mama.” Why thank you Max, I am a darn good walker if I do say so myself. He still likes the show “Blue’s Clues” and for about three weeks was really into the “Opposites” episode. We watched it pretty much daily and then suddenly one day he said he wanted to watch a different one. We have been talking about opposites since then and he likes to make his books into opposites by inserting “no” in front of each sentence. We are constantly delighted by the things that come out of his mouth. Yesterday I was folding laundry upstairs and he wanted to go in the linen closet. He went in, shut the door, and was quiet for about a minutes. Then I heard him remark, “It’s dark in here.”

We enjoyed a visit from Grandpa and Grandma Helen. Max loved playing hide-and-seek with them and playing games on the ipad. It was wonderful having them here, they cooked, cleaned, and took Max fun places like the Children’s Museum and the zoo. This allowed me to sleep, shower, and feed Anna. Feeding Anna always happens, but sleep and showers are not guaranteed!

I have lots of pictures to share to catch you all up! Here we go:

Aunt Shani sent Max this soccer outfit, a souvenir from her recent trip to Ireland.

Some assorted Anna cuteness:

Official Two Month Photos:

Some other pictures from the past couple of weeks…

Snuggling with Grandma:

Fun at the park with friends:

Anna and Penelope hanging out:

I love these people!

And last but not least, pictures from our fun week with Grandma Helen and Grandpa!

Playing with the ipad:

Helping Grandma Helen clean the windows:

Helen helped me sort and prep clothes for a consignment sale. Here’s Maxwell brushing her hair with one of the hangers:

He loved wearing Grandpa or Grandma Helen’s glasses:

Max loves the local Children’s Museum. This statue is at the entrance:

Fun times at the museum!

A trip to the zoo!

Feeding the giraffes:

First ride on a carousel:

I promise not to wait so long before I post again!

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