Three Months

Our sweet Anna is three months old already! How does that happen so quickly? I need to weigh her so I can record that here (update: 13 pounds, 10 ounces). At three months she is giving us lots of smiles and has rolled over a few times, though I think more by accident than intent. She’s getting a bit better about tummy time though it’s still not her favorite, and we’re still striking out with the bottle. Anna sleeps great at night, usually doing a solid 8 hours before needing to eat, but her naps have been getting shorter and shorter. Here’s hoping they lengthen again! Here are her official three month pictures:

Seriously, can you believe this cuteness?!

Jeff and my mom and I were laughing the other day that the kids probably think “Okay, this family is really nice and I love them a lot, but I’m not sure how smart they are.” Poor Anna keeps telling us she hates the bottle and we are not picking up on her not-so-subtle cues. Max also must think we are not the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree…Monday my mom was getting ready to take him to her house and explained that she was going to change his diaper (we use cloth at home but usually use disposables when we go out and about). Max said “It’s still dry” (he’s pretty accurate about that these days). She replied, “Okay, but I want to put a different kind of diaper on you before we leave.” Max looked at her for a minute and then explained, “We call that a disposable diaper, Grandma.” And his parents aren’t any better, recently Jeff picked Anna up and said, “Hi Punkin!” and Maxwell quickly corrected him–“Daddy, that’s Anna.”  Nor do I escape, yesterday Max said that something “falled down.” I replied, “Oh it fell?” and Max said “No Mama, it falled.”

Last Sunday our friends Angel and Eric and their girls came over. The big kids had fun with the toys and the babies slept and ate and observed. We are so lucky to have good friends like them close by!

Sharing Chester bear:

This picture makes me laugh. Anna is assessing Penelope.

Okay, she’s cool. I’ll hold her hand.

Here are some other pictures from our week. Tummy time success!

Max coaching Anna on the finer points of tummy time. Note that Chester is doing it as well:

Daddy-daughter snuggle!

Maxwell wanted to help give Anna a bottle the other night when she was having a hard time. I’m sorry to say she still wasn’t interested, but it was awfully cute:

We had spaghetti one night this week. Max ate it with both his fork and his hands, and I had to get a picture of the results:

Tummy time again!

Yesterday we went to a park on the lake near our house. Jeff and Max threw rocks in the water:

Enjoying the view of the water and the mountains:

I don’t know what Max is doing here, but it’s pretty cute:


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