Halloween 2012

Halloween was so much fun this year! I managed to sell Max on coordinated costumes: A firefighter and a dalmatian. My wonderful mother-in-law volunteered to make the dog costume, and I found a firefighter raincoat, boots and umbrella at Costco. Max definitely understood the concept of trick-or-treating this year and was excited to go. As soon as we got started he was saying, “Let’s go to that house over there! Which house should we go to next? I love trick-or-treating!” It was pretty cute. Anna had a great time too, she wanted to walk most of the time and was so cute toddling along the sidewalk. We heard lots of oohs and ahhs over how cute they were together. At one house they gave Max a red foil-wrapped peanut butter cup. He was so excited, telling the lady, “Red is my favorite color!” He wanted to hold that one the rest of the time we were out. When Maxwell woke up the next morning one of the first things he said was, “I want to go trick-or-treating again!”

I didn’t get too many pictures on Halloween since the kids were eager to get out there, but I managed to get some:

They both loved answering the door with Grandma:

Enjoying the haul:

A couple weeks ago, a friend of a friend did costume mini-sessions, so I took the kids to get some photos of them in costume (thanks Oma, for getting the dalmatian done early!). Photo credit to Taylor Anderson Photography.

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