I am thankful for so much this year. Jeff and I often ask ourselves how we got so lucky with these amazing kids. I’m thankful for the expressive way Max talks, getting so excited about the story he’s sharing that he has to start over a few times. I’m thankful for the way Anna hooks her arm around my neck when she really needs a Mama snuggle. I’m thankful for the beautiful relationship Jeff has with them.

We traveled to Greg and Leah’s for Thanksgiving this year. Another thing I am thankful for is in-laws that I really like and enjoy spending time with. We had such a nice visit and the time went way too quickly. Max and Anna loved playing with their cousins, and Lizzy and Emma were so good with them. They patiently read the same book five times in a row to Max and followed his orders on what to play. They were great at including Anna in their games and stories and it was such fun to see them all together. Poor Max cried when we had to leave today, he kept saying, “But I don’t want to go yet!” I have very fond memories of time spent with my cousins growing up and am glad that he and Anna will have that also.

Some pictures from our trip:

The park near Greg and Leah’s house had a slide that was just perfect for Anna. Not too high or fast, so she could do the whole circuit by herself. She loved it.

This one is blurry but so cute I have to share. Max was fascinated with Leah’s knitting needles and she let him play with a pair. Later he wanted to use them again so he asked where her “sewing sticks” were.

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