Christmas Tree 2012

We had a great time this year picking out and decorating our tree. The past couple of years we’ve gone to a Christmas tree farm near our house that has a great view of the mountains and plenty of beautiful trees. We lucked out with a dry day last weekend, so we cut down the tree and then stored it in the garage until we could decorate it this weekend. Max was really into the whole process this year. Tonight he said “That was fun, decorating the tree today.” Anna of course is pretty clueless about it all, but she seemed to have fun too.

It’s so special doing Christmas now that we have kids. I love carrying on some of the holiday traditions from our families and making new ones of our own. It will be great fun to have extended family here at Christmastime. I love having a house full of loved ones and having time to relax, eat good food, and just be together.

Here we are at the tree farm! Such a beautiful setting:

The farm provides sleds to haul your cut tree back. Max of course thought it would be better put to use to haul him:

Not to be left out, Anna wanted in on the action:

This one looks good!

Supervising the cutting process:

Max leading the way back to the barn:

Before we put the lights on the tree, we plugged in each strand to check that they still worked. The kids were fascinated:

Max loved looking at all the ornaments and deciding where they should go:

Anna helped me put on a few ornaments. She discovered one ornament that is a ceramic stocking and immediately tried to put it on her foot. So cute! Then she spent a long time playing in the empty tub which had previously housed the ornaments.

Max got to put the star on the tree, with a little help from Daddy:

Maxwell gives Chester Bear a hug in front of the finished tree:

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