Grandparent Visit

Grandpa and Grandma Helen came to visit us last week. Max was thrilled to have them here and had no shortage of things for them to do. There was book reading, iPad playing, musical chairs (Maxwell’s version, where there are same number of chairs as people, and you sit in the same spot each time), two trips to the children’s museum, and much fun had by all. Anna was right in the midst of it all and Jeff and I were spoiled by not having to cook dinner. Max got an early Christmas gift of a remote-controlled spider robot (christened “Stanley”), which he quickly got the hang of maneuvering. I love watching the kids with their grandparents. It reminds me of special memories with my own grandparents, and I am so grateful that our kids are blessed with five amazing grandparents who love them more than words can say. The time always goes by too quickly, and we are already counting down to our Florida visit in a few months. Thank you Dad and Helen for everything!

Learning how to work Stanley:

The chairs were also repurposed to serve as a preschool. Max directed Grandma Helen to be the teacher, the animals were students, and he was Chester’s parent. He would drop Chester off at school, go “home” (the other room), count to 10, and then it would be time to pick him up.

Grandpa got to visit preschool as well:

Between rounds of musical chairs:

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