Getting closer to caught up with the blog! We had a wonderful Easter weekend. The weather here was amazing, so warm and sunny. We had fun dyeing Easter eggs outside and had a great time at my Grandma’s–perfect weather for an egg hunt! Max remembered last Easter very well, right down to all the details of the egg hunt: “Last year, I came down the stairs, and the first egg I saw was on the gate, and it was green.” O-kay then. The kids got to do two hunts, one inside our house in the morning, and a second one outside at Great-Grandma’s. We prepped him that the eggs on the floor in our house would be for Anna and the ones in other spots would be for him. He did so well, not picking up any of Anna’s eggs, and pointing them out to her. Anna liked picking up the eggs and wanted to stop and eat the candy in each one right away. They both had a fun time with the extended family, it’s so cool to see all the little kids together, just like all us cousins growing up.

Coloring eggs. Anna did the whisk technique, Max preferred dropping the eggs into the bowls of dye. Anna was pretty covered in dye by the end.

Fun at Great-Grandma’s!

Anna wanted to try out the big kid swing. She held on tight!

“Put down the camera and open this chocolate for me!”

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