Maxwell is Four!

click I can’t believe our sweet baby boy is a big four year-old already. At four, Max loves pizza, cupcakes, and pretty much all carbs. He likes sweet potatoes and proclaims to like broccoli, but his consumption of it suggests otherwise. Strawberries and bananas are his favorite fruits. Max recognizes all the upper-case letters and most of the lower-case ones. He can count to thirty, with occasional help. He can write his name and knows what sound each letter in the alphabet makes. He can climb up all the slides at the park and go down without assistance. Maxwell is still a huge “Blue’s Clues” fan and loves to watch the show and act out favorite episodes. Favorite books include the Arthur series, one he got for his birthday called “Why” (no surprise that one is a hit!), and the Elephant and Piggy books by Mo Willems.

buy Lyrica online in uk Max is such a good big brother to Anna. Sure there plenty of times when he is too rough, forgets to use kind words, or need a reminder about taking turns. But those are far outweighed by his love and gentleness with her most of the time. When we tuck her in for nap he holds her in his lap in the chair and sings “Love You Forever.” He explains to her how to do new things and coaches her to say new words. Tonight at dinner Anna started to put her stuffed animal up on the table and Max said, “Don’t put that on the table, sweetie.” I love watching them together. We love listening to him talk and hearing what he’s thinking about. The other day at dinner Max asked me, “Mama, do you remember being a baby?” I said, “No, I remember being a little girl about your age, but I don’t remember being a baby.” Then he asked, “Does Grandma remember being a baby?” I replied, “I don’t know, you can ask her tomorrow.” He thought about it for a minute and then said, “I think she does, because she’s pretty short.”

I’m treasuring these days where he wants nothing more than to be with us. Today Max and I spent the morning together, running errands and going out for lunch. At one point I said to him, “Max, I like spending time with you.” To which he replied, “I very like spending time with you, Mama.”

We had Maxwell’s official four year checkup last week, here are the official stats:

Height: 3 feet, 7 inches: 93rd percentile
Weight: 38 pounds: 65th percentile

Max had his birthday party a couple weeks after his actual birthday. We did it at the Little Gym again this year and a good time was had by all. Rest assured that there were cupcakes, I just neglected to take a picture of that part.

Happy Fourth Birthday, Max! We love you so very much.

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