My Loves

A few pictures of the kids from last week. The first two are Anna in a typical activity–trying to put on her own shoes (excuse the crazy post-nap hair). She loves to do things herself–handwashing, getting dressed, putting on shoes, etc. She says her name as “Nana.” If we try to do something for her she’ll proclaim, “Nana! Nana!” and point at her own chest for emphasis. She will usually eventually accept help if she’s not successful, but I love that she wants to try it for herself first. Okay I love it most of the time, maybe not quite as much when we’re trying to get out the door and she’s melting down because I’m putting on her shoes. The second few pictures are both kids together behind our house. We were headed out somewhere in the car so they both have their favorite animals in tow. The weather was so nice that I took a few pictures before we went on our way. I love it when they hold hands!

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