Fire Station Field Trip

Max’s preschool recently took a field trip to the local fire and police stations. I was able to go with him, which he thought was pretty cool. He asked me several times if I would stay with him the whole time. Eric brought Emmeline and Max liked having her there too. We started with a tour of the police station and then the kids got to sit in the police car and talk with the officers. Then it was next door to the fire station, where they learned about safety and then we went outside to check out an assortment of first response vehicles–a couple different fire trucks, an ambulance, even a fire boat. I didn’t recognize any EMT’s, thought maybe I’d see one of the ones who almost delivered Anna. In between the fire station and police station is a small field with a healthy dandelion population. Max loves blowing the seeds, so we spent some time doing that to close out the visit.

Here’s Max with his teacher, Miss Megan. He will really miss her when school ends for the summer. Yesterday he told me, “I’m so excited to see Miss Megan tomorrow!”

Making a silly face

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