Road Trip

Last weekend we traveled to visit Greg and Leah and the girls. It’s about a four hour drive and the kids did great. We broke up the trip with a stop for lunch which helped a lot. Anna did cry for a good portion of the trip each way, but not the whole drive, so I’ll count that as a win. Max watched “Blue’s Clues” for much of the drive so he was all set. We were lucky to have a gorgeous sunny weekend on both sides of the mountains, so the drive was beautiful and good weather awaited us when we returned home Sunday. Greg and Leah were wonderful hosts as always, cooking us lots of delicious food, plying us with home-roasted coffee, and just being great company.

I love watching Elizabeth and Emma with Max and Anna. The little kids adore the big girls and the feeling is mutual. Lizzy and Emma are so wonderful with them, very patient and willing to be ordered around according to a four year-old’s whim. There’s a great park in their neighborhood so we walked there a few times. They also took us to a really cool local park with a huge wooden climbing structure, lots of slides, swings, a sandbox…I don’t think we even got to all of it! I think Max’s favorite activity was playing upstairs with Lizzy and Emma in their rooms. Anna couldn’t get enough of Alex the cat and would follow him around trying to pet him. She was also a huge fan of Greg’s homemade carne asada, she put away at least one adult’s share. I can’t blame her, it was delicious. The time went far too fast as always and we are already dreaming of a return trip!

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