Fun in May

A friend was teasing me the other day that it’s still Mother’s Day on my blog. Since Father’s Day is around the corner, I better get another post up here in between! This one is just some assorted fun we had in May. There are pictures from a walk and picnic in the park that I did with the kids, a get together with some friends for Jeff’s birthday, and a few randoms thrown in. It was really fun to do Jeff’s birthday with Max this year. The highlight for Max was definitely the food, but he was pretty excited about the birthday in general too. About a week beforehand Maxwell told Jeff, “Daddy, your birthday is next Saturday, I’m so excited!” Just as Jeff was feeling touched, Max followed up with, “Because we get to have pizza!”

Max helped me pick out a couple of Jeff’s presents. We chose a book that he wanted and some yummy loose tea from a local tea shop. I emphasized that we didn’t want to tell Daddy what he was getting for his birthday, we wanted to keep it a surprise. Max seemed to get it, but had an alternate suggestion: “I won’t tell him what he’s getting, but I could just say it’s something to read and something to drink.” So we clarified that we shouldn’t give clues either.  

Pictures from our walk through the woods and picnic in the park:

And a couple from another park visit. Max recently mastered climbing the “oval ladder” and is very proud of himself:

Anna loves the big kid swing:

Eric, Angel, Emmeline and Penelope came over for dinner on Jeff’s birthday. The weather was great so we played out in the yard for quite awhile:

Then some inside playing after dinner. The big kids read books:

Meanwhile, we looked over to see the little girls trying on each other’s shoes:

Jeff blowing out the birthday candle:

And opening presents, with Max’s eager assistance:

And finally, a typical moment in Anna’s day: Wearing jammies with her brother’s shoes, sitting in the doll stroller:

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