Last Day of School

Dear Maxwell,

Thursday was your last day of preschool for this year. This was your first year of preschool and you are sad to be leaving Ms. Megan’s class. You love Ms. Megan and are a bit nervous about changing to Ms. Betsy’s class in the fall. We hear great things about Ms. Betsy from friends who have her now, so I’m confident you will come to love her too, but I understand that change and new things can be a little scary sometimes. Remember how it was a little hard to start preschool back in September? You really wanted me to stay with you the whole time, and you cried a bit at dropoff for months. But you were so brave and you got to know Ms. Megan and the other kids in your class, and after a while you didn’t cry at dropoff any more, and you were excited to go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and see what the letter or number of the day would be. We are so proud of you for going to school even when it was hard. You have learned so much this year! You can write all your capital letters and you are working on lower case. You are starting to recognize some words; when we are reading books you will point to a word and say, “What is that ‘no’ doing there?” I can’t wait to show you the wonderful adventure of reading.

When we ask you about school we get pretty short answers, but we’ve learned more from just listening to you talk or from playing school with you. We’ve learned about the daily routine, which kids have a hard time listening to the teacher, what happens at snack time, and the process for waiting your turn to ride the swings. You starting preschool was a little hard for me, too, because it was the first time you were away from us and we didn’t know exactly what happened the whole time. So it was a year of growth for both of us.

When you started school you were three, and now you are four. You have grown so much! Here is a picture of you on the first day, and one on the last day:

On the last day your school sent home a binder with some of your drawings from the year. Mostly they are lines and swirls, but here’s one from June of a house. The description from you made me smile. I can just see you telling Ms. Megan it’s a house and her asking whose house it is. Then you explain to her that you don’t know whose house it is because you can’t see inside. I love the way your mind works!

Here are a few more pictures from your last day.

You had an ice cream party for the last day of school. You were excited to have a cone with sprinkles on it!

We took some pictures of you with Ms. Megan. I’m so glad you had a teacher you love.

Of course we had to take one with silly faces too!

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