4th of July

Seeing as it’s almost August, it seems fitting to post our fourth of July pictures. We’ve had a wonderful month of July–warm sunny weather means lots of time outside and not as much time blogging. Currently we are enjoying a visit from Grandpa and Grandma Helen, both kids are loving the attention and Jeff and I are being spoiled with dinner prepared for us nightly. We love having them here and wish they could stay longer! Yesterday Helen was playing with Max and she reminded him of something they did together last time they were here. He replied, “Was that with you or with Oma? I can’t remember. Well, you do look alike.” We had a good laugh about that because Helen and Cathie definitely don’t look much like, but it was pretty cute how all grandmothers apparently look the same to him.

Here are a few pictures from the fourth. Max’s favorite colors are red and blue, so he loved that we were all wearing them. He wanted to take pictures on the staircase landing since that’s where we took them last year.

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