December Fun, Part 2

The next installment of our December adventures! Let’s start with the Christmas tree. We continued our tradition of cutting down our tree on a farm. However, we had to alter it a bit–when we arrived at the farm we’ve been to the past few years, we were greeted by a sign that said, “Closed–Sold out!” This was a surprise as it was the first weekend in December, so we were not feeling like we were late to the game. Thankfully technology came to the rescue–I put out a PSA to my local moms’ group, and a friend recommended another farm nearby. A quick search on my phone for the address, and Siri kindly directed us there. This farm still had trees, and we chose a nice tall one. In fact, the tallest tree we’ve ever had; Jeff had to trim a bit off the top once we got it home so that we could fit our star topper on. The weather was sunny but unusually cold for Seattle (12 degrees!), so we kept the excursion on the shorter side. The kids love having the tree up and they really enjoyed decorating it this year. 

Our friend Angel found a parent-child fused glass ornament making class at a local art gallery. So Angel and Emmeline and Max and I did it together, and made really cool snowman ornaments. Max had fun picking out the decorations for his ornament and arranging it just so. 
And finally, a picture of the kids enjoying one of the Advent calendar activities: “Eat a treat”

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