I’ve been delinquent in my blogging this month. We’ve been having great fun enjoying the season, Jeff’s family is here now and my dad and Helen came earlier this month. The kids are so excited for Christmas this year, especially Max. It’s so fun to share traditions with them and make new ones as a family. This year we have two Advent calendars–one that I put a new activity in each day, and one that is a giant felt Christmas tree with felt ornaments to snap on each morning. Max wants to do those right away when they get up and always remembers whose turn it is to do which calendar. 

Here is the first installment of December pictures!

We visited my Grandma:
Fun times with Grandpa and Grandma Helen!
New Christmas jammies!
Then they wore those new jammies to see Santa. We had a very successful visit this year. We were pretty sure Max would do well, since he was excited to tell Santa what he wants. Anna was a wild card though, she sticks pretty close to me when new people are around, so handing her to a stranger in a weird outfit was an iffy proposition. But she held Max’s hand and walked up to him no problem. Max chatted with Santa for a few minutes and then we asked Anna to tell him what she wanted. She said “Max,” meaning she wanted Max to tell Santa for her. We had prepped him for this possibility so he had no problem telling Santa that Anna wants a purple superhero cape, and he wants “The teddy bear I saw in Starbucks.” Then Anna agreed to sit on Santa’s lap for a picture and we ended up with a great one!

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