Snow and Crafty Fun!

More December pictures to share with you all–can you believe it, new blog posts three days in a row! The kids are enjoying doing Christmas-y crafts this year. Last weekend our Advent calendar activity one day was to make cinnamon dough Christmas ornaments. The kids dumped in the ingredients, I mixed the dough, and Max rolled it out for us. They had fun choosing which cookie cutters to use and the house smelled amazing afterward.

Another Advent calendar activity was to walk around our neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. We all bundled up and Max held the flashlight to light our way. We enjoyed our neighbors’ festive decorations and lights!
Max has been asking since last winter when it will snow. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we get some winters with hardly any snow at all, and others where we’re housebound for several days after a big storm. Everything aligned on Friday and we got a few inches of snow! Max was thrilled and we went out to play in it first thing after breakfast. The kids threw snowballs, made a little snowman, and made a bunch of snow angels. Such fun!
Merry Christmas, family and friends!

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