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Happy Valentine’s Day from Maxwell and Anna! Below are pictures from our Valentine mini session with Justine of buy modafinil online sun pharma. Max is looking forward to a Valentine’s Day party at preschool. He helped me make some homemade valentines and eagerly signed his name to every one. The big news in our house is that Anna is using the potty! We started on Saturday and she is doing really well. A few accidents here and there, but mostly tells us when she needs to go and waits until we get to the bathroom. Her promised reward is a family trip to Build-a-Bear this weekend. Both kids are eagerly contemplating which animals they will choose. 

Sunday we were happily surprised with some snow! We’ve only had one other snowfall this winter so Max was thrilled to have another chance to get out and make snow angels, snow balls, and tracks in the snow. In other family news, I sliced my finger with a box cutter Monday night and had to take a trip to the ER for stitches. I’m now all bandaged up and hopefully healing well under there! Trying to keep your finger dry while caring for two small kids is a challenge, but I’m managing pretty well. After a week the stitches can come out. Hopefully that’s all the excitement of that sort for quite some time!
Here are the pictures, enjoy!